5 of the most famous touristic places in morocco

Have you ever wondered about going to a place that has everything you need? In fact, what do need to have a piece of mind and have fun at the same time? Some of us may need a quiet place, historic one or exotic or an artistic place.

What if I told you that you can find all of that and more in one place? Can you imagine that? There are many kinds of tourism, cultural, social, sports, adventure, religious or medical tourism. 

   Morocco's one of the rarest countries that has everything you need in a tourist trip with all kinds of tourism and sightseeing. If you are a tourist, then let me take you on a journey to see morocco through my eyes.

At the first stop let me tell you that Morocco's a country located in North Africa. Morocco has a remarkable site, which makes it special for tourism. It has a cost line on both the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Even if you are looking for a safari then you can go to the vast western desert of morocco. 
Now my friend I can lead you to the next stop of your journey which I am sure that you will never want this stop to end. Here are 5 of the most famous touristic places in morocco: 


It's called the red city and it's one of the most famous places for tourism in the world since its many cultural attractions such as the mosque of kutibiya and the Menara plus the Moroccan famous hotels with high quality.

In the markets there you gonna find yourself lost in a whole other world of supremacy and the vintage places there are awesome.


It's the old spiritual city of morocco. It's known by having craftsmen, scientists and farmers. If you looking for historical tourism then I recommend fas as a wonderful place to go to with its pulsing life.


The city of the wind as they call it back there for its wind and sea atmosphere. One of the best touristic places in morocco. It's famous by its walls and harbors. It was characterized by French and Portuguese architecture. If you are a surfer and looking for an adventure then your place. 


 This's a popular tourist destination to stop and have a look at it. It has approximately 200 hotels for tourists and it's famous by its blue colored house and buildings which has a story behind it, there's a theory that blue color keeps the mosquitos away.


If you are a fan of art then I found it for you, asilah is famous by hosting art and music festivals. It's distinguished by painted walls and view art paintings signed by famous artists for sale.

And unfortunately this was our last stop in the journey but there are a lot more in morocco that words can't  describe, you have to see it yourself.  

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