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Agadir   Here we are standing nowadays in front of an unexpected world … tourism tourism and travel that changes every day and the new things in it became worthless. If you're noticing what is going on now you will know for sure that everything became foggy and you feel that there's no creation coming out from this new generation and if there's creation you will see that it's attached to the past with our ancestors' creation. You know what they say "old is gold" and this sentence is not just a slogan, it is the obvious truth that we should embrace. In that context history reveals of some great outstanding things and Agadir is one of the things that we have to talk about and give it a shot to discuss its history and the best sites in it so that people know about more about this fascinating city.
Agadir's one of the most famous cities in morocco which is located in the west-middle side of the Kingdom of Morocco near the length of the Atlas Mountains, and shares a border with the Atlantic Ocean from the western side and Agadir has a beautiful site which is famous of containing a lot of farms and orchards, producing many types of fruits and vegetables and it also has a lot of hotel on the Moroccan style which makes this city perfect as touristic place for any tourist wanna experience the Moroccan life. 
So after knowing some of the beautiful details about this city, I can tell you that there're some more mesmerizing details about Agadir.
Here're some of the most famous touristic places in Agadir:

Amazigh Heritage Museum

  Now, this's a great site for tourists in Agadir. This museum includes information on Amazigh heritage arts, including traditional clothing, jewelry, architecture, carpets and barbaric musical instruments that all goes back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

Sous Massa

Sous Massa is a national park that was founded in 1991. It's located in the southern part of Agadir.  The interesting part about it that amaze every tourist that comes to this park that It has a population of about 200 species of endangered butterflies and many mammals and reptiles.

Bird Park

Now I need you to focus if you're a fan of wild life and want to visit a place that has a lot of animals. Bird Park is an important tourist attraction in Agadir, it contains many species of birds and other animals, such as kangaroos, llamas, deer, and parrots.

Souk Al-Ahad

Souk Al-Ahadꞌs one of the important markets in Agadir that reflects the Moroccan culture. It is also one of the most important markets that contains many local Moroccan products and handicrafts that illustrate the nature of traditions in Agadir and Morocco.


 Tafraout is a village among a range of mountain features, characterized by its varied colors between orange and pink colors.
Now after seeing that you know what I have left to say to you, "a man without a past shall have no future".

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