Casablanca The City of Beauty and Greatness


Do you know the feeling of standing in front of… tourism and travel of something and all you can do is to stare without being able to describe what you just saw? You feel stunned by its beauty and greatness and just can't get enough of it and always want more. Now I can show you what I'm talking about.
If you're a tourist and looking for a place that you can visit and find everything in it then Casablanca's your next destination. Casablanca is one of the most famous touristic places in morocco but at first let me tell you somethings about Casablanca before telling you what Casablanca has to show you.
Casablanca's located in morocco on the overlooking coast on the Atlantic Ocean and it's an Islamic Arab city and surely one of the most important cities in morocco since it's the main port of the country. Casablanca's the pulsing heart of the country.
It includes some of the best cultural attractions which makes it valuable. It reflects the face of tourism in morocco and its beauty will take you some time to believe. The majority of the population in the city are Arabs and the Amazigh Muslims.  
Here we're now, I'm gonna show you a glimpse of the city and its ravishing beauty.
 Here're some of the most famous touristic places in Casablanca:

AlAhbas neighborhood
Nowadays, this neighborhood's considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Casablanca. It's a neighborhood that includes buildings that were built during the French protection period of morocco. You can see that this neighborhood's a mixture of European and Arab Islamic architecture.

Mohamed V Street
Let me tell you some information about this street. It was built in the beginning of the 19th century and it's one of the main streets in Casablanca. Nowadays it's a complex of the modern buildings and the Arab Islamic architecture. It also combines the European style too.

Hassan || mosque
It's the second largest mosque in the world after the two holy mosques and was built on the surface of the water. It was opened in 1993, it's a spectacular architectural masterpiece which attracts the tourists from every side of the whole world. 
It has a minaret at the height of 210 meters which definitely   makes this fabulous building an outstanding cultural attraction. 

Corniche of Ain Al Dhayab

It's an area along the beach overlooking on the Atlantic Ocean. This place is very important because tourists always go there for entertainment and relaxing in the Moroccan hotels and the swimming pools that the place includes plus the mesmerizing view. 

The old city
By its name you can easily know that this city has a historical origin. This city's a collection of ancient buildings, surrounded by walls and the highlights of the city are scaffolding, the dome of   sidi bou samara and the light house of the palate.
So this is Casablanca's most famous touristic places that you shall enjoy visiting if you had the chance to go there.

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