Tourism in Fez

It is a certain fact that any human being has an instinct inside him that urges him to have a strange strong desire to dig in the past to know more about it. It doesn’t matter what the subject will be as long as it is attached to the past then that would make the person wonder about its details. It’s the human nature, we all can relate to that.
If someone asked me to define history, I would say that there is no certain definition for it but all I can say it is mysterious and makes a great importance to all civilizations which leads us to our subject fez, fez is one of the cities that I can describe it as historical. If you are a tourist and interested about history and love to visit historical cities then fez is your destination.
Fez is one of the most historical famous touristic places in morocco. Fas is 1230 years old, can you imagine that? Fez is the oldest of the four cities that have occupied the capitals of Morocco in the past and it is located in the center of a fertile valley of the Fez River surrounded by hills. Visiting fez as tourist will surely be a pleasure for you so you get to see its historical touristic sites which is our next stop.
Here are some of the most famous touristic places in fez:

Mosque of the villagers

 Our first site is one of the oldest historical mosques of all time. This mosque was founded by Fatima al-Fahri in 857 AD. Since that time, this mosque witnessed more additions, such as: the silo that was added in 957 AD and the gypsum domes. It is characterized by arches and Quranic inscriptions which makes it interesting to visit this place.

The Batha House Museum

It's a palace founded by Sultan Moulay Abdel Aziz in 1897 AD. It's known by its Spanish-Moroccan style. It was designed for royal receptions and turned into a museum of art and handcraft in 1915. So if you're an art fan then this is your place.

Al-Attarin School

It's a spectacular architectural masterpiece founded by the Sultan Marini Abu Saeed Osman. It consists of an open basin with a water basin. The walls of the courtyard are famous for its ceramic decorations. It's surrounded by a prayer hall and dedicated halls for students and teachers. It's surely one of the beautiful historical places to visit.

Bo Ananiyah School

Now this one's the most famous schools in Morocco, founded in 1350 by the Sultan or Anan al-Marini to be an educational institution for students and it's famous for its elegant decoration and the water clock, which remains a mystery unknown to specialists who tried to figure out how it works but they couldn't know till now.

Abu Hahayat Gate

 The main entrance to the city is the most famous landmark in Fez.
So visiting this city will definitely fulfill your needs as a tourist. 


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