Marrakesh: The red city


              Sometimes, seeing something makes you stop and become speechless without being able to describe what you just saw because deep down you know that words can't describe the beauty of what you saw and that feeling particularly happens when you comes across something mysterious or historical and I am pleasured my friend to tell you that when it comes to history, one of the things that will surely come across your mind is Marrakesh.
If you're a tourist and looking for the city that can make you feel speechless and amazed at the same time then Marrakesh's our next destination but first let me tell some things about this fascinating tourist attraction "Marrakesh". 

Marrakesh's one of the best touristic places that you would be lucky if you had the chance to visit it because there're so much details about this city. Let me begin by saying that Marrakesh's one of the most famous cities in morocco and it's located in  the center of the Haouz plain, and at the foot of the Atlas Mountains about thirty kilometers to the south. The city rises 450 meters above the sea level. It is also called the red city because of the color of the historical buildings and mosques in it and it's famous for its unique architecture and the large number of the mosques in it. 
Now you know some information about Marrakesh but we did not go through the interesting part yet which is the most famous touristic places in it.
Here're some of the most famous touristic places in Marrakesh:

The Majorelle Gardens and the Museum of Islamic Art

  This's an interesting tourist attract that we should stop for a moment to talk about it. The history of the Majorelle Gardens goes back to the 20th century, where it was built by the French artists Jacques and Louis Majorel. If you are a tourist then you have the opportunity to visit the Museum of Islamic Art, which is located next to the garden, which displays good examples of Moroccan tribal art and other Moroccan carpets, jewelry and pottery and after visiting it you get to enjoy the amazing shapes and colors of the plant in Majorelle gardens.

Al-Qatiba Mosque

 Al-Qatiba Mosque is one of the oldest three monasteries in the world which still exist. The mosque's recognized by the beauty of its curved windows and arched arches. The red stone mausoleum in this mosque is about 70 meters high.

Marrakesh Night Market

This market's a destination for tourists and people who wanna enjoy the mesmerizing magic of the Moroccan style. There you can enjoy seeing the dancing monkeys, snakes and the drums and you can enjoy eating the Moroccan food. 

Jemaa El Faina Square

 Jemaa El Faina Square is one of the most famous touristic places in Marrakech. It contains many performances by magicians, snake breeders, street artists and storytellers.
So visiting this city will surely fulfill your touristic needs and definitely you will be mesmerized.

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