Meknes morocco the warrior tourism

As a tourist, you always look for something new but historical and has everything that you need at the same
time. Imagine having everything that you desire in one place that includes history, art or religion or any kind of tourism that you seek. A place that can fulfill your touristic needs and amaze you with its greatness and perfection. I know that you are bored from visiting the same touristic sites and all what you need now is something new that you have never seen before, I got your back fella. Listen carefully to me, all you need to do now is to back up your stuff because I found your next destination that I'm sure you will enjoy visiting. Our destination today is Meknes. Meknes is one of the most famous touristic cities in morocco and it means "the warrior". Meknes is located geographically in the north-eastern part of Morocco, where it is located 140 km from Rabat. Meknes is a fascinating city with a land area of 500.01 km 2 and rising from the sea level of 546 meters. It was founded in the 10th century by Sultan Moulay Ismail.
The people in Meknes speaks Arabic and Tamazight, which are official languages in Morocco. They also speak other languages such as French, Spanish and English.
Now you know some information about Meknes but here is the interesting part.
Here are some of the most famous touristic places in Meknes:

Dar al-Jami'i Palace

  This palace was built in the 19th century AD, in 1920, it became a museum known as the Museum of Local Art. It offers many performances such as wooden home furniture, traditional dress and carved and dyed wood art. There you can enjoy the Moroccan life and its amazing handcraft.

Bab al-Mansour

It is Located in the eastern part of the old city, specifically in the courtyard of Hadim, the largest sections of the Kasbah, and is located near the old navigator, the school and the Buanyan Moulay Ismail.

The ancient city of Willei

  The history of this city goes back to the 3rd century BC and it has two main buildings: the Roman temple and the main building. In this place you can notice the brilliant Moroccan architecture and enjoy getting to know the history of this city.

Moulay Ismail's Mausoleum

If you an art fan then you will definitely appreciate seeing this place which is characterized by fine Islamic architecture, an old souk with souvenirs from Meknes and a sundial.

Wadi Al-Zahab district

It's Located in the Sidi Bouzkri area of Meknes, opposite the Medina Palace, Al-Zaytouna and it is considered as one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. If you just like talking a walk and enjoy the view then this neighborhood is the right place for you.

 The Buanyan School

It's one of the oldest scientific schools with many doors decorated with geometric and floral motifs.
Visiting this city will surely be an amazing experience for you.

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