Rabat: the capital of Morocco & Fun


There is no need for introduction. I am pretty sure you  … tourism and travel  heard about rabat, the capital of morocco, one of the most famous cities for tourists to visit and also one of the most beautiful cultural attractions in the world.
It's located on the Atlantic Ocean. You know that the rabat was ranked at second place by cnn in its top travel destinations of 2013. Rabat is also the second largest city in morocco.
Visiting the city is such a pleasure for any tourist because he can find anything he wishes for in this city. Any kind of tourism and here is my proof that going to rabat for a visit is a precious opportunity that you gotta hold on to.

Let me fascinate you with the famous touristic places that you can go to in rabat:

Bab-rouah gate

The rouah gate located on the western side of the wall and it's known with its historical architectural design and decoration and it is considered one of the greatest achievements of monochrome art.
Nowadays, the place turned into an art gallery that displays the paintings of the famous international and Moroccan artists so if you are a fan of art and seeking the pleasure of enjoying the masterpieces then, Bab rouah gate is the place to go.


Now we get to the historical Shala. Shala is an old town located in the river of abi riqraq going back to the 6th century BC. It is considered one of the most famous tourist areas in rabat.
It contains old baths and large courtyards and the thing you will see the most is the large number of birds especially stork birds.
So definitely it will be an adventure to go to visit the historical Shala.

Hassan tower

Now stay with me if you are obsessed with historical places and wants to experience the mystery of the history. Hassan tower is one of the most spectacular historical buildings in the city of rabat that instantly mesmerize any tourist that visits it. It was built by sultan yaqub almansur. It is 180 meters long and 140 wide so imagine the greatness of the architecture in this building.
So if you wish to do historical tourism you can go there to one of the most famous touristic places in rabat.

The museum of history and civilizations 

The museum of history and civilizations in rabat is one of the most historical places that identifies the history of the city and morocco. 
It is a  museum of archeology studying and it contains the history of morocco till the pre Islamic periods and that by many different pieces such as, Libyan and Berber writings, the head of cannon, the head of king juba, Islamic ceramic pieces and other bronze statues like sheikh fisherman. So if you seek history then this place will satisfy your desire to know about Moroccan history.
As I said going to rabat and seeing what's in it is an absolute pleasure.

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